The Power of Unity

A popular African proverb says "If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together." Fast? To what end? What’s the purpose of completing a project early at the cost of its quality? As I comb through the pages of social media daily, I get astonished by…


A Better Offer

I just realized the minimum I’ve worked at a company was a full year and even so, I often leave due to a change of location or some other external factor beyond my control. I'm typically more longterm oriented but this is not what’s always obtainable. People often accept a job offer because it’s…


How Long Will You Remain Silent?

The best time to read ‘lean in’ by Sheryl Sandberg was in March 2013; immediately the book was first published. The second-best time is NOW. However, you may be way too busy to add an under-200 paged book to your overflowing to-do list at moment; I totally get that so I created this excerpted article for you.


5 Songs You Should Listen to Now!

As we make all the required effort to get accustomed to the 'new normal', It's essential to highlight some of the activities that make the quarantine a bit more bearable. I shared a playlist of my favorite songs at the moment with my sisters and they loved it! So Nkechi (my sister who actually…


Cut Them Some Slack!

I am becoming particularly amazed by how my mind works. I wish I could say the same about your mind too but I cannot make any judgment with the limited information I have. What amazes me the most is my apparent ability to quickly discern evil from good and choose to pay more attention…


Everybody Needs Somebody

Does your life have an evident pattern? Maybe not or just maybe you haven’t consciously given it any thought yet. You can take a couple of minutes to reflect on everything you did in the last one week and try to identify a pattern or you can keep reading. It's a win-win for you…


Falling Out of Love?

“How do people even fall out of love with you?” Owen asked. There was a great deal of confidence in his deep, caramel voice but that had no positive effect on my unbelief. Owen was a middle aged, black fellow who had spent most of his life in southern Nigeria and only moved to…


The Big Surprise

It's easy to get me a large box of chocolates (I absolutely love chocolates btw!) and let me know when and where to pick it up and get a fine 'thank you very much, you're so kind' response and c'est fini. Okay let's re-arrange this chocolate gift scenario a bit: I walk in to…