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I am becoming particularly amazed by how my mind works. I wish I could say the same about your mind too but I cannot make any judgment with the limited information I have. What amazes me the most is my apparent ability to quickly discern evil from good and choose to pay more attention to the former. It may seem quite ridiculous especially because light always shines through the darkness and the darkness can simply not overcome it!

Okay, enough of the hoola hoola hoo! Think about the last schoolmate, friend, associate or colleague whom you recently concluded was a total dealbreaker and should be kept at elbow’s length; are you totally sure that the one time they played an amazing role in your life is not enough “light” to shine through the darkness of their imperfections? Really? 

There’s an entire railway track between ‘what is’ and how we perceive it to be. The human mind (certainly not just mine) is naturally wired to pay much more attention to negativity than positivity but that is really no way to live. It’s quite difficult to think of a realistic way out of the negative loop, especially because several motivational books simply ask us to ‘stay positive always’ with entirely no clue about how to do so. What if, instead of staying ‘positive’ (whatever that means), we simply make an effort to stay conscious? Conscious of every opinion we form about a person; the very moment we begin to form it and constantly ask ourselves if we’re making a truly fair judgment. 

This planet, like most of us, is often a messy maze. It is only possible to find your way through it as through the life of an entirely different human if you pause for a moment (or several moments) and consider each decision thoroughly. Just like you, everyone deserves a fair judgment. Cut them some slack! 

PS: not the slack app

PSS: I’m sure that was a really bad joke but I may have made some more decent jokes in the past so now may be a good time to give a fair judgment!

I would love to read your opinions about this piece as always. That’s why the comment section is just for you 🙂
*Hoola hoola hoo – beating around the bush
way track – big gap

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