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Apologies for my prolonged absence. February was my toughest month in a really long while but well, God helped me as always. 
So yeah, just another write-up on a topic I find really essential but most people rarely ever understand the implications of its ignorance.

So you were born into a beautiful family of highly intelligent professionals. Grandpa was a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Grandma was a Politician, Mother is a Professor of Finance, Daddy is a lead Geoscientist at ExxonMobil, big sister is a medical doctor and big brother is a lawyer in England. Now society has so tilted your mentality such that you feel you can only fit in by obtaining a professional degree in line with that of your ancestors and pass on this indigenous mantle of knowledge to your successors so as to prolong the family chain and preserve your apparent integrity. RUBBISH!

This is the 21st Century and its no longer acceptable to sleep on the dreams of another soul. Not your dear parents, not your siblings, not your friends, not your children, not even your soul mate! No human being is allowed to pick out a life path for you. These people are only permitted to advice you but the final decision is completely yours to make.

 I find this “dream transfer” issue, as I’d rather call it, more among the wealthy learned people rather than the uneducated and this is certainly a cause for alarm. The fact that you’ve been able to build a successful business empire doesn’t permit you to mandate your first son or daughter to follow your footsteps. If your empire is as exciting as you think it is, one or more of your children would be honored to take-after you but if they all have different dreams, forcing them to sleep on yours would be rather suicidal to everything you have ever worked for and then who wins? You’ll only succeed in burying their dreams and bringing your great empire to rumbles simultaneously. Congratulations!

Now to those who’ve been victims of “dream transfer”, it’s never too late to face your fears and speak up. Here’s a few tips you may want to adopt to make the journey seamless:

1. Be independent: read the post your daddy’s money is not your money to understand the need for independence and how to go about it.

2. Be confident: You cannot approach your parents, spouse or even your friends with a life goal you’re still uncertain about. You have to be 100% sure this is what you want to do with your life. This is actually the most difficult part but my post on talents to treasures might help you understand more.

3. Volunteer: As much as this point may seem out of place, it is more important than all the others. You may not be interested in following the dreams of others but if they matter to you, you have to voluntarily assist them where possible without asking for incentives. You could bring good ideas to grow mummy’s business even if you have 0% equity or take up a part-time role in daddy’s company even if there’s no pay. There’s always something you can do to help. Don’t completely abandon their dreams because its not yours. After all, that dream you’re running away from is probably what fed you your whole life.

Thank you for stopping by and make sure you enjoy the rest your week. Keep dreaming, Keep striving, Keep living..

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  1. tek

    Nice Write up

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful as always…keep shining the light of hope like always with your write ups dear!

  3. tawolola

    But what happens if I am an only child and my parents are close to the age of retirement. Can I be selfish enough to go follow my passion and condemn the business into the hands of outsiders?

    1. ultranotes

      Hello Tobi
      That’s where sacrifice (volunteering) comes to play. You can monitor the business while you hire a ceo to run it. The ceo will be much more experienced and probably wiser than you are. If you go through the process legally there’s hardly anything that can go wrong. With a ceo in charge you’ll be able to follow your passion and monitor your parents’ business simultaneously.
      I hope this helps

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