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Does your life have an evident pattern? Maybe not or just maybe you haven’t consciously given it any thought yet. You can take a couple of minutes to reflect on everything you did in the last one week and try to identify a pattern or you can keep reading. It’s a win-win for you either way!

Busy week?

Let’s say there’s no clear pattern (this is a disturbing position to be in but we can discuss it some other time), we’ll just deal with the basics for now – eat, walk, sleep (fix in any three activities that are better tailored to your lifestyle); surely you do all three every day. If you come from a typical African family, you probably grew up eating meals from the same bowl with your siblings. We had enough bowls to go round so clearly, conservation was not the goal. I lost about 11Ibs of weight in my first semester as an undergraduate and gained twice as much in my last. What changed? In the former, I never shared a meal; in the latter, I never ate without Tega (she’ll leave a fine comment after this; she always does).

Meet Tega (Is it okay to assume that you can recognize me?)

The food analysis is rather clear and easy to assess but what about the other little aspects of your life’s pattern? Who would you call first when your body temperature is rising? Don’t be quick to answer that question. Give it a few seconds of thoughts and if your answer is still ‘the doctor’ then you’re at the peak of the loneliness pyramid. Even if you have a doctor on standby which is rarely ever the case, how often will you ring up for a temperature rise that most likely has no underlying effect?

We live in a very dynamic age. Some days are yellow and bright; other days are wishy-washy and black. Loneliness is becoming the leading cause of suicides and it begins with a false assumption that you should be your own best friend.

“If you walk alone, you’ll go fast but if you walk with others, you’ll go far”

Your “life partner” doesn’t necessarily have to be a “love partner”, the books had it wrong all this while! All you have to do is ‘be there’ for someone who’s willing to return the favor.

P.S: If you’re partner-hunting, leave a comment below. Your next partner could be my next reader 😉  

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  1. Esther Chizim

    Inspiring write up. May God continue to grant you Divine wisdom.

    1. Dikachi

      Thank you so much, Momma!

  2. Jack Lamar

    As always it’s a pleasure to read your articles, it’s good to know that my life partner don’t really need to be my relationship partner. Thanks

    1. Dikachi

      Thank you so much for always reading!

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