Give Fathers Their Flowers

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“If I had the necessary requirements to carry and birth children myself, I would have probably done that too” – Mike said. This was over three years ago during an interview for my thesis on gender roles. But those words still live rent-free in my mind.

This month, my family marked 12 years of my dad’s passing. I still think about him every day but for evident reasons, I thought about him a lot more over the last few days.

I had a great dad. He was a 4x girl dad in a culture and an era that prioritised male children. But in the midst of societal pressure to keep girls in the back seat, he gave us wheels to do the driving ourselves. Whatever counts as an achievement in my life today was done because in the 15 years my father gave me, he assured me that there was no table I couldn’t sit at.

As I celebrate the gem of a father I had, I’m thinking about fathers everywhere who do so much behind the curtains and never get their flowers. Like Mike, they may not have the requirements to carry and birth children themselves, but they could be giving all they’ve got to ‘make up’ for it. If you know any of those fathers, please give him his flowers.

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