Gratitude Series: The Man Outside My Window

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Tam’s Story:

Sometime last year, someone snuck into the compound I live in. I live in a relatively safe area and I’ve lived there all my life with nothing to be worried about with respect to safety. 

One night, after I had gotten back from work, I was doing some work in my room and noticed that I felt like there was something lurking outside my window. I stared out the window for a bit to try to catch movement and when I didn’t, I just took it to mean there were probably rats or something outside, so I ignored it but closed my windows still; and as I did this, I noticed that my window nets had been slashed. I wasn’t sure if they had been that way or anything and I wasn’t sure what to think at that point, so I just made a mental note to tell my parents by morning. 

Sometime around 1 am, I think I was on a call and turned off the lights in my room to go to sleep for work the next day. And while I was on the call slowly dozing off, I saw a sight that made me scream my lungs out, there was a shadow of a man outside my window spying on me.
I screamed “Blood of Jesus” severally, woke everyone in the house up, and tried to explain what I had seen while physically shaking.

Till today, we never saw who it was or know who it was or know if he only came to steal or if he had a gun or if he had a knife or whatever it is he wanted, we believe he probably jumped over the fence. However, we never heard a sound and the security around never saw anything. However, I cannot say how grateful I am to God that I was awake at that time and that God helped me be sensitive like that. 

God saved us that day from whatever that man wanted and I am grateful for that!

Like Tam, this series is to remind you and (me) to focus on the good stuff. What are you grateful for? No matter how big for small your story is, it could inspire someone to focus on the good moments in their life.

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