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I was recently in a clubhouse room where people were talking about posting achievements on social media. I had quit social media (especially Instagram) several times in the past because of how extremely unreal people are on these Apps so I made up my mind to avoid posting my own achievements as well so as not to be the reason people leave social media. Of course, that didn’t quite work out.

This clubhouse room went on for a while as people stated their opinions as to whether to not to share achievements. Then it struck me; I unmuted my mic and chipped in. “It’s really all about the why’s,” I said. “Some people share their achievements to genuinely inspire others and that’s okay. Others do it out of excitement and that’s okay too but when you do it simply to brag and show off, then I don’t think it’s okay. People who post achievements with the aim of bragging often end up over-exaggerating what they’ve achieved to really fit the part and that’s not okay”.
When you think about it, one person’s big achievement might be another person’s daily lifestyle. So braggers will just never be able to meet up. In the end, what matters is the ‘why’. Whatever you do, social media posts or not, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reason.

As much as a lot of people have no clear explanations for their actions, deliberate thoughts around the actions often yield the whys. It’s like when people say “I love you so much and I don’t even know why”. Boy bye!
If you love me for no reason then you can as well stop loving me for no reason. There’s always at least one reason, to be honest. Most people just don’t admit it because they know it’s not a genuine reason. Love people for reasons that don’t fade; or simply because it’s what God wants you to do (agape love) but there’s just gotta be a why. Always. Your goal should be to make sure your whys are good whys that you can stand by.

Now to you; why do you read my blog posts?

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  1. Nk

    I totally agree with Ugonna, there’s always a message or something to take away from it and most importantly for me, I read your posts because I love the way you write, there’s just something about it.

    1. Dikachi

      wow thanks, Nk! I’m glad you also always have a takeaway.

  2. Ugonna Ugwu

    Nice one.

    I read your blog post because they always make lots of sense, their is always a lesson to learn or a lesson to be reminded of.
    Also I read your post as a way of supporting what you do, you are my person and God willing I will always support you in the very little ways I can.

    Stay safe Kachi.

    1. Dikachi

      This is so encouraging to read! Thank you so much, Ugonna!

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