Let go of what’s gone

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I found myself in what seemed to be an empty room. There was a small bed on which I sat but nothing else besides the really high walls stood out to me. I should have been trying to figure out where I was, but my mind was consumed with intense anger and frustration and I knew why. Then a woman walked in. She seemed too calm for comfort but that didn’t quite bother me. The only thing that mattered was that someone else was there. Although she looked right into my eyes, I have no memory of what hers looked like. All I remember, as clear as day, were the only words she said to me: “You need to let go of what you’ve lost to make room for what is coming.”

And just then, everything faded as I opened my eyes to a familiar face in a familiar room.

This was a dream I had a few weeks ago. I don’t take most of my dreams very seriously — they’re usually 99% sci-fi and 1% escalations of my day-to-day or even a combination of both. But for obvious reasons, I just couldn’t shake this one off.

It’s relatively easy to let go of something that is replaceable, like a lost book or even a car. But what if what you’re being asked to let go of is irreplaceable, like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you missed or a loved one?

Many of us are drowning so deep in the thoughts of the life we could have had that we’re losing the power to thrive in the one we’ve got.

And if we can’t see past that life, we may never be able to truly experience this one. So, as much as it is important to honour the memory of the things, the moments, or the people we may have lost, it is also crucial to accept that no matter how much we dwell in the past, we’ll never be able to go back and change things. That’s why I love the serenity prayer so much.

I know this is a tough ask. It’s so challenging that it took a vivid dream to remind me that it’s what I needed to do. But I truly hope that if you, like me, have clouded your mind with frustration over something you cannot change, you’ll find the courage and strength you need to let it go.

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