Navigating Germany: With the Canadian Dream

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Of course, I didn’t get it! I already knew my chances were low because deep down, I wasn’t ready to be an entrepreneur. If you’re wondering what this is about, read my previous post to find out.

My next step was clear – Canada! Canada’s express entry program favours skilled immigrants with excellent IELTS scores and good work experience. If you fit this profile, just leave a message for me in the ‘talk to me’ section of the homepage and I’ll send you an email with everything you need to know about Canada’s express entry program as well as IELTS practice materials to improve your scores. Unlike you, I didn’t quite fit the profile because my work experience was not so much at the time.

I knew nothing about Germany apart from the things one would rather not know until a new LinkedIn connection slid into my dm and literally sold the country to me. Free education even for non-citizens? Why would anyone miss that? Well, ignorance; that’s why. Anyway, God bless the slider for revealing these things to me. Most universities in Germany actually offer free education for all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Admitted students only have to pay semester fees which could be as low as 45€ (approximately 25,000 naira) for some universities but the average fee is around 250€ (approximately 140,000 naira) per semester which is way less than the cost of studying at any private university and frankly, even at some public universities in Nigeria especially for post-graduate degrees. After learning about this, a good seed was planted but I still wasn’t very sure I wanted to leave Nigeria for Germany so I pursued Canada more aggressively. 

Weeks went by and my Canadian dream remained as it was; just a dream. Then one day, in a random career conversation with Tas, a friend and excellent career mentor (a story for another day), he told me about his decision to pursue an MBA degree to expand his career opportunities since he only had a science background but was interested in the tech-marketing industry. It actually sounded like music to my ears because I also had a science background but I was launching a career in marketing. This was a big eureka moment for me. There and then, I decided to pursue an MBA degree too – one of the best decisions I ever made. 

I revisited my Canadian dream but this time, with the intention of applying for universities. It didn’t take long before I noticed the dead end there. If you are wondering what it was, just google the cost of studying for an MBA in Canada. Now the thought of studying in Germany began to sound more soothing than ever! I began to comb through the German Academic Exchange Service website to find more resources. This should be your go-to site for all things education in Germany. I discovered a couple of universities that offered MBAs or similar degrees BUT all that glittered wasn’t really gold.

PS: I started this blog series to share insights and FREE tips for relocating to Germany. Take it from me, leaving the country legally is cheaper and easier than most people think. Beyond sharing my story (and those of my friends) so you can learn from real experiences, I’ll also be sharing useful resources through newsletters during this series. The resources would all be FREE and trust me, you’ll need them. All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletters so you won’t miss any of them.

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