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I took some pictures when I was at the Aurlandsfjord in Norway last summer. But the pictures only captured a tiny piece of the beauty that the Aurlandsfjord is, and no one will ever truly understand the depth of beauty until they go there themselves.“ Murphy explained. We were talking about our last vacation while practising languages that were not our mother tongues.

For me, a fun vacation is one where I take lots of perfect pictures. After all, a picture is the best way to capture a moment and store it forever, right? As my phone memory fills up and I continue to expand my cloud storage space, I’m starting to realise that I’m just storing tiny fragments of moments I may not have been fully present in. If all I did was focus on the pictures, not the experience itself, then was I really there?

You go to a restaurant and spend so much time trying to get a perfect picture of the meal that you end up eating it cold. Your child smiles at you for the first time and you quickly reach for your phone so you can capture it. You spend more time making videos of the New Year fireworks than actually watching them go up. And you end up with only tiny fragments of big moments.

Don’t get me wrong, pictures are important. But how about we focus on the experience first and take pictures as souvenirs after the fact?

They say “If you didn’t capture it, then it didn’t happen” but I’ll say “If all you did was capture it, then you were never really there”.

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