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It’s easy to get me a large box of chocolates (I absolutely love chocolates btw!) and let me know when and where to pick it up and get a fine ‘thank you very much, you’re so kind’ response and c’est fini.

Okay let’s re-arrange this chocolate gift scenario a bit: I walk in to my work-space on a Monday morning and see the same box of chocolates (or a much smaller one) on my desk with a tiny, (anything but fancy) note that reads ‘Happy new week, Keep being awesome!’. Those words will stay in my heart for a really long time and the chocolates would taste much better, trust me!

Often times in gifting, we all miss the point. I would rather you put more energy or time into a gift than money. When you buy someone a gift that they can afford and get it to them with zero energy, what then makes it special?

Well, let me just cut to the chase, I got a domain name plus web hosting absolutely free! It was the biggest surprise I’ve had in a while and I didn’t even see it coming. You want to know the full story? Read on!

So a very dear friend messaged me when I was in the middle of my coursera test last saturday night. It was so close to the deadline and I really had to concentrate. He started sending me several links asking me to help him choose a theme for a female client who wanted him to help set up a personal blog for her. I was low-key upset cos this person knew I was taking a test but I nicely told him i’ll look through after the test. I reluctantly looked through and then picked the very best (I made sure I did). I then asked him if the woman would pay him. ‘Sure thing’ he replied after which he thanked me for being so helpful.

Fast-forward to 7am on Sunday morning, I was running late for church and the last thing I wanted to do was to check my phone but then you know life doesn’t always go as planned 🙂
So I checked my WhatsApp messages and found these:

Brethren, I hadn’t been so excited in a while. And that was how I moved from to overnight!

Just so you know:

  • surprises may not come in flowers and diamonds
  • surprises may not come in rings and roses
  • surprises may not come in credits and tickets
    but the best surprise comes in a good and sincere heart.

This post is dedicated to my very dear friend – Taslim Okunola for being there always & every time.

What’s your take on surprises? Yes (I love them!), No (I may just have a heart attack), Maybe (I’m not a big fan but I could use one sometime). Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!

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  1. Dikachi

    Lool, We’ll see about that..

  2. Mia

    Congratulations love.

    1. Dikachi

      Thanks love!

  3. Tega

    Congratulations dear!
    Btw I totally..absolutely love surprises!

    1. Dikachi

      Thanks love! Sure you do!

  4. Vince

    I’m not a fan of surprise, but can use one sometime. Nice one✌.

    1. Dikachi

      Thank you so much! Your big surprise is coming soon!

  5. tek

    Wow!!… just like that..

    1. Dikachi

      Yes!!!! I’m still very excited!

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