What Does Happiness Mean to You?

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I’m going to make a list of the things that might be able to make you at least twice as excited about life as you are right now. Reflect on each one carefully and mentally tick the ones that are very particular to you..

  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Power
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Career Growth

Found them yet? No? Not completely? Okay then keep looking. Be sincere with yourself, no one is reading your mind

  1. Beauty
  2. Love
  3. People

That’s all I could think of so I hope you found it there. If you didn’t, it’s simply because it’s not there and it will never be. But if you did, i’m sorry to break it to you but you may never be truly happy.


If you can attach earthly titles to the things that determine and control your happiness, then your happiness is even much more temporal than the earth itself. What then is happiness really? Some overrated term that supposedly guides our emotions? Perhaps just as overrated as the word ‘love’ has come to be. Well, not quite.

I like to consider happiness as a mere combination of contentment and hope. Contentment in the things you are fortunate to possess and a firm hope for the good things of life that you long for.

CONTENTMENT – It is okay to want money and fame and power and love and beauty and every single thing on that list if not more BUT the moment you get as much you wanted a few years ago, your heart would expand to accommodate much more wants and you’ll never ever be satisfied. If you’re never satisfied(contented), you can never be happy. Do you now believe that happiness is a function of contentment?


HOPE – Don’t be mediocre and settle only for things you already possess. That’s an even greater vice than mediocrity, it’s called laziness. While being grateful for your possessions, aspire for more. But do this at a pace that does not consume your joy knowing that there’s a supreme being who wants nothing more than your eternal happiness. If you know this guy, he’s your sure bet for a firm hope. But if you don’t, then maybe you should get to know him – Hit me up via the ‘Get in Touch’ section by your right (on your computer) or at the bottom of this page (on your mobile device) so I can schedule a one on one session with him; thank me later!


Now that you know the happiness combo, what next? I’ll give you a few practical steps as always:

  1. Make a list of all your possessions – I know you know what I mean. Don’t go writing: a pair of grey and blue adidas sneakers, a 24-inch Peruvian weave gibberish gibberish gibberish. Be more general. I’ve got 7 good shoes, clothes to fill up my wardrobe, a degree (first-class, second class – believe it or not, class is class), great parents, amazing friends, a relationship with God, a building to live in, I eat twice or more a day, I am connected to in internet; you know, all that good stuff. When you’re done with this particular list, trust me, you’ll be wearing a fine smile and if you’re not, please hit me up so we can do that one on one thing. Just me and you this time.
  2. Make another list of your goals – Try to be more realistic and less materialistic; you feel me?
  3. Pick each item on list 2 above; at least one at a time and do one thing every single day to achieve it. Celebrate every tiny progress. Treat your mind and body right while at it and remember; you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.  

Do you think you’re happy? If you are, make sure you spread the happiness around like confetti!
Leave comments if you’ve got suggestions, contributions or questions for me. Pleaseeeeeee share this just because someone might have the wrong orientation about happiness and stay depressed for no reason.


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  1. praz

    I read this over and over. you have written many profound things that grips you to the core. Awesome! Love your energy! <3

  2. Raymond

    Like the fact that you pointed out the “neglected” relationship between Happiness and Contentment.
    Nice one!

    1. Dikachi

      Thank you Raymond!

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